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Businesses facing complex and expensive trial may wish to consider retaining a specialist in dispute resolution and negotiation strategy to serve as settlement counsel. Settlement counsel may be retained pre- or post-suit, or they may be retained to assist with negotiations all the way up to the announcement of a verdict.
An experienced settlement counsel can serve to enhance and improve attempts at negotiations and settlement by, for example:
  •  Serve as a means to recruit wary or difficult parties to the negotiation table.
  • Assisting in gathering records reports or other information needed to evaluate the case.
  • Identifying possible stumbling blocks to resolution, such as recommending that specific individuals sit at the negotiating table, devising creative situations to meet the parties’ needs.
Settlement counsel can provide a fresh set of eyes from which to view the dispute and to provide the company with an objective and unbiased analysis of each party’s case, potential liability, risk, and other critical issues, providing an important “reliability check.” 
We are available to consult with any organization interested in innovative approaches to early settlement.



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