How to Submit or Refer a Case 

Dawn Dawson
Case Coordinator

To submit a case online, please complete the form below, making sure all required fields are completed (R) or feel free to call Dawn Dawson at 785-357-1800 directly to schedule the mediation and we will take it from there.  Judicial referrals are easy; simply fax, email or direct mail us the Order for Mediation.  We have office locations in Kansas City, Missouri, and Topeka, Kansas, free of charge for your mediation or we can do it at counsel's office or another location if you have one.

It is not always necessary to have the other party(s) agreement before you refer a case. After receiving a case transmittal, we can solicit an agreement to mediate. You do not have to provide us any pleadings, briefs or position papers until prior to the mediation.   There are no fees charged if the parties cannot agree to proceed through the mediation process.  

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Topeka Office
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Kansas City, MO 64102
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